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NGO & Charity AssetWizard

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NGO & Charity AssetWizard

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As a non-profit organisation, maximising your impact is the ultimate goal. This not only requires an accurate picture of assets but then efficient use of resources. Therefore, NGO and charity asset management software is a crucial aspect. Asset Wizard provides a solution specifically designed for NGOs and charities, making equipment tracking a breeze. With Asset Wizard, you can free up time and energy to focus on making a difference.

Streamline your operations

NGO and charity asset management software offers a centralised platform to manage your assets. With real-time access to your entire inventory, you can keep all relevant information up to date, saving you time and increasing efficiency. Assign assets to relevant team members or volunteers to support their work. With one central web-based system, all users can enjoy streamlined processes.

NGO & Charity AssetWizard
NGO & Charity AssetWizard

Tracking transparency

Asset Wizard simplifies the process with documented history and customised reports for your needs. Available on the app or any web-based device, your users and volunteers create a centralised accountability and asset tracking log for total transparency.

User-friendly functionality

Asset Wizard prioritises ease of use to help your organisation get more from your assets. From customised data fields, so the app speaks your language, to tailored access levels and permission requirements that follow organisational processes, Asset Wizard is easy to integrate into your NGO or charity and helps everyone get on board with effective asset tracking.

NGO & Charity AssetWizard
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See how Asset Wizard simplifies asset tracking and brings ROI to tools and equipment for businesses of different sizes and industries.

Revolutionized asset management

Asset Wizard has revolutionized our asset management. The advanced reservation feature eliminates double booking and the web-based accessibility allows us to track assets from anywhere. Highly recommended.

NGO & Charity AssetWizard

Miles Ward

Construction industry

Efficient asset management with Asset Wizard

Managing assets was a nightmare until we started using Asset Wizard. Efficient checkout process, real-time availability, and reservations has revolutionized our admin and asset management.

NGO & Charity AssetWizard

Mike Philbin

Education industry

Game-Changer for Asset Management

We were hesitant to switch, but Asset Wizard exceeded our expectations. Customizable alerts, user access control, and web-based accessibility have made managing assets easier. A game-changer for our business.

NGO & Charity AssetWizard

Michelle Jones

Equipment manager

Empower Your NGO or Charity

Get more from your donations with NGO or charity asset management software. With real-time visibility, increased efficiency, improved security, and data-driven decision-making capabilities, Asset Wizard can streamline the admin, so you can focus on the amazing difference your organisation is making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can start using Asset Wizard today. To get started, you can start a free trial. When you first sign up for a free trial we will send you an email with your username, password and a link to access your account.

Experience the Full Power of Asset Management with Our 14-Day Free Trial Enjoy unlimited access to all features and the ability to add an unlimited number of assets, users, and locations during your trial period. Start streamlining your asset management today.

No! Our plans are month to month with no contract. We do however offer annual plans if this works best for you, with a saving of up to 15% on your subscription.

You can start a paid subscription during, or at the end of your trial by going to the subscription section in your account and adding your payment details. All of your data during your trial will still be available.

An asset refers to any valuable item or property that you want to keep track of and monitor. This can encompass a wide range of items, including computers, cameras, office equipment, vehicles, tools, and more. Essentially, if you have something of value that you want to keep records of, it’s considered an asset.

A location refers to any named place where you can assign assets. This can be as specific as a conference room or as general as a main office address, such as 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA 12345.”

An Asset reservation is when you set aside a specific asset for use at a specific time. This helps make sure the asset is available when needed and reduces the chance of double-booking.

An asset checkout is when you take an asset and record who has it, when they took it, and when it should be returned. This can be checked out to a person or a location.

You can easily import or export your assets using an excel spreadsheet

Track Assets Easily with QR Codes, Barcodes and Mobile Scanning Print labels and add custom ones. Quickly find assets by scanning codes with the mobile app

Yes, you can use and scan in your own labels

Asset Wizard is available in all countries. Currently the software is available in English language only. 

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