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Features AssetWizard

Track assets

Gain complete visibility of all your assets from anywhere in the world. Bundle them into relevant categories for easier search and access.


Advanced reservations

Avoid double booking and unavailability by reserving assets in advance. Monitor who uses the asset and for how long with clear visibility.

Features AssetWizard
Features AssetWizard

Efficient checkouts

Say goodbye to paperwork and time-consuming admin with quick, stress-free checkouts. All necessary information is available on Asset Wizard.


Tag assets with your device

Tag your assets with custom QR or barcode stickers and scan them with the Asset Wizard app for complete information.

Features AssetWizard
Features AssetWizard

Web & mobile access

Track, monitor, and take action on assets from anywhere with cloud-based software that is accessible on mobile devices and web.


Customizable to your needs

Make Asset Wizard work harder for you with custom fields, alerts, and custom roles.

Features AssetWizard
Features AssetWizard

User access control

Set access levels and permissions for your organization’s users. Create custom roles to limit what users see, as well as an audit trail so you always know who has what.


Pinpoint asset locations

Link assets to their relevant field locations for efficiency and ease of operations.

Features AssetWizard
Features AssetWizard

Alerts and reminders

Customize alerts for asset checkouts, maintenance, and calibration management.

Key Features list

Asset Wizard offers a huge range of benefits, all available to be tailored to your business needs. Ideal for businesses of different sizes, complexity, and industries. Simplify your team’s workflow and get more from your investments with efficient usage of all tools and equipment.

  • Asset list
  • Create Asset
  • Asset assignment
  • Asset calendar
  • Reports
  • Asset templates
  • History
  • Import & export
  • Custom asset statuses
  • Reserve an asset
  • Track the status of a reservation
  • History
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Add your users
  • Set permissions
  • Provide access on web and or mobile
  • See what users have assets and reservations
  • Capture custom data
  • Dropdown, text fields and date and time pickers
  • Export data
  • Checkout assets
  • Checkin assets
  • Asset availability
  • Scheduler
  • Add files & notes
  • History
  • Auto generate QR codes on assets
  • Add your own barcodes
  • Add your own QR codes
  • Use stickers / labels on assets
  • Available on the web
  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Permission based
  • Mobile Apps work offline
  • Create unlimited locations
  • Assign locations to assets
  • Location history
  • Checkout assets to locations
  • Create reminders
  • Get notified via email when they are due
  • Make them recurring
  • One click mark reminders as done
Customer testimonials

Helping businesses like yours

See how Asset Wizard simplifies asset tracking and brings ROI to tools and equipment for businesses of different sizes and industries.

Revolutionized asset management

Asset Wizard has revolutionized our asset management. The advanced reservation feature eliminates double booking and the web-based accessibility allows us to track assets from anywhere. Highly recommended.

Features AssetWizard

Miles Ward

Construction industry

Efficient asset management with Asset Wizard

Managing assets was a nightmare until we started using Asset Wizard. Efficient checkout process, real-time availability, and reservations has revolutionized our admin and asset management.

Features AssetWizard

Mike Philbin

Education industry

Game-Changer for Asset Management

We were hesitant to switch, but Asset Wizard exceeded our expectations. Customizable alerts, user access control, and web-based accessibility have made managing assets easier. A game-changer for our business.

Features AssetWizard

Michelle Jones

Equipment manager

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