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Gain Better Control Of Your Assets and Equipment

Home AssetWizard

Effortlessly track your assets, equipment, and tools all in one convenient location

Asset tracking and inventory management software

Streamline your asset management

Asset Wizard is the easy to use all-in-one web-based software that helps you track, manage and report on your assets and equipment from the web or from mobile so you always know whats going on

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Home AssetWizard

Your inventory: Tracked

Effortlessly manage every vital asset with Asset Wizard: keep track of computers, office equipment, construction tools, and more across multiple locations with a single click.

Asset alerts on-the-go

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to real-time updates and mobile alerts for total visibility and control

Home AssetWizard
Home AssetWizard

Eliminate admin for everyone

Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and crossed wires with real-time tracking and booking for streamlined admin and maximum efficiency.

Easy asset tracking software

Scan, upload, access

Quickly Register, Log, and Review Assets in Real-Time with QR and Barcode Scanning, All on the User-Friendly AssetWizard App.

Home AssetWizard

Simple features for tracking your assets

Home AssetWizard

Asset register

Keep your assets organized and easy to Manage with a centralized Asset Register

Home AssetWizard

Scan and track

Using barcodes and QR scanners, book in and book out assets in seconds to optimal efficiency.

Home AssetWizard

Work from anywhere

Track your assets from anywhere with our cloud-based web and mobile solution

Home AssetWizard

Check in and checkout

Track asset availability with an easy check in and check out system

Home AssetWizard


Easily schedule your assets with our user-friendly reservation system

Home AssetWizard

Custom data fields

Customize your asset tracking with custom data fields to capture All Relevant Information

Streamline Your Business: User-Friendly Asset Tracking

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